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Academics & Curriculum Overview


Our curriculum is similar to schools in New Haven Public Schools, but is enhanced through STEM studies. As stated in our mission,

our students will examine case studies that will require them to explore how biology and technology are merged together to identify global problems and potential solutions. We offer students opportunities to sharpen their reading, writing, and math skills across the curriculum. Our program of study includes Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Technology, Physical Education, Project

Lead the Way, Engineering is Elementary, Music, Band, and Art. Band will be offered to students in grades 4-8.  

Across the Curriculum


Students will enhance their writing by experiencing a wide variety of writing forms. Students will write expositoyry, narrative, and persuasive essays using prompts, memoirs, poems, etc. They will learn process writing skills. Students will also write from the heart using journals. Students will respond to literature using written responses to text at least three times per week.


Math will be brought alive through the use of manipulatives, literature, and journal writing in the classes. Students will respond to math open-ended questions and apply skills to problem solving on real world issues. 

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