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Parents have the responsibility to make certain their children attend school each day except in the case of illness or other unavoidable circumstances. If a student is absent from school, parents must notify the school. You must send a note to school indicating the 

date(s) the student was absent and the reason for the absence. Additionally, the administration may ask for a doctor or court note to excuse absences. If a student leaves a class or school without permission, the school will call home and take the appropriate action. In accordance with the attendance of the New Haven Board of Education, promotion may be withheld if a student is absent from school a total of 20 or more days.


In the case of a long illness, parents must notify the Guidance Counselor immediately so that a program of instruction can be discussed and developed. Students who are absent give (5) consecutive days or more MUST return with a medical note. According to Connecticut attendance protocols, students who miss a total of 10 days are considered truant. This total of 10 days includes both excused and unexcused absences. 

  • Personal vacations are not considered legitimate reasons for absence from school and will be recorded as an unexcused absence. Family vacations should be planned during the scheduled vacations in the school calendar.

  • Truancy is defined as staying away from school without permission. Parents will be notified in the case of a student being truant.

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