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School Uniform Policy

As part of our safety program, Celentano will enforce a school uniform policy. The purpose of this policy is to provide additional opportunities for increased school safety, to minimize disruption, to easily identify trespassers on campus, and to promote improvement in student behavior. Schools uniforms also help students to experience a greater sense of school identity and belonging and to promote academic excellence.

The policy is as follows:

All students attending Celentano are required to wear a school uniform to school each day.

Our uniform consists of navy blue collar polo shirts and khaki pants, khaki jumpers, or skirts. Students are permitted to wear navy blue sweatpants only on gym days. Please be advised that students will not be allowed to change at school on gym day. 

In general the standard uniform policy is as follows:

  • Pants,jumpers, skirts: khaki

  • Shirts, Blouses: navy blue ( NO writing or pictures on shirts!)

  • Shoes and/or sneakers are permitted

NO blue jeans, No pants with holes, No sleeveless shirts or blouses, No low-cut or tight-fitting shirts, and NO tight fitting pants. 

Headwear: No hats, bandanas, hoods, sweatbands, scarves, or sunglasses will be worn in the building except for medical reasons.

Other: Pants cannot hang below the waist. Blouses must cover up the chest, back, and stomach areas. Flip flops and sneakers with skating wheels are not allowed in the building. Students will not be allowed to wear hoodies and outer garnments in school during school hours. This includes: overcoats, windbreakers, jackets, etc. When a student clearly violates any of the above rules, the principal may require him/her to return home and change unsatisfactory dress for suitable attire.

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